***We Currently Have several*** Mares for Sale Call or write for photos and prices
All Our Miniatures are Now For SALE 
(any miniature sold under $1,000 buyer payes for coggins and farm call Vet Service)
 Trained Ponies  are More Expensive
ALL AMHR Mares  For Sale
Exposed to Black overo Stallions.

  Please bring your own Horse/pony halter and lead Rope you can purchase at any feed,tack store or order on line from

Videos of Overo APHA Horses
​Some of our APHA Horses from the Past
All Photos are Copy Rights of Pretty Pony Farm DO NOT TAKE Photos 
All Our Ponies are born Here On our Farm,  We are not Horse Traders that buy and turn around and resale for Profit.  Ponies are Not Born Broke or already broke to ride or drive. If you Want a Finished Cart broke pony Price is 750 to $1500 for a Miniature Mare Cart broke and safe. You can buy  the pony for much less and hire your own trainer..
With a little guidance My daughter broke her own pony years ago  her self .  
We Halter break them but if you want a Dead Broke Child Safe Pony they are Worth their Weight In GOLD and even harder to fine..  Many, Many Hours of work goes into a Trained Pony  We know of a  Trainer that you cn hire to  break a pony to a cart are gentled  Please view our videos to see some of our Ponies.
Callys Winning Chips AKA  "Zip"  16.1 Hand Jet Black Stallion 
Click On His Video
Sire to Many Loud overo Babies  $4,500   SOLDReason for selling We no Longer Breed Horses or Show Zip is a wonderful Calm, Gentle Stallion that any one can handle daily with just a regular lead rope
Zip is the own son of Superior Western Pleasure Bett-N-Chip who is son of Zips Chocolate Chip and Mother is Bett a Song 153.5 Performance Pt. 
Buckskin Filly Born March 2013   $1,800  she should Mature 32  tall estimating. 
 The above Video is the Trainer Teaching my husband to Drive 

Calico's True Colors Reference only sold
Some of the Cart Ponies we have Sold
AMHR 2021 Overo Splash Filly $2,000 may mature 30 to 31"
Father is  Whistle Blower
AMHR Black Stud Colt 2021  $1,000
Sire Illusion     
AMHR Stud Colt $500 
Mother also for sale True Colors Diamond see on Mares page
2019 AMHR Black Overo Stud Colt  $750
Sire Whistle Blower        Mother Risky see ib Mares Page
White Stallion has been around children Drives Great Ready to go $750