Goat Hills 2 Blu Wild Design
31.50 " AMHA/AMHR
For Sale $1250
Cool Kid 33"  AMHR
Son of Flying A Color to Burn 
$2,500 Or Lease private Treaty Approved Home  SOLD
True Colors AMHR 
Son of National Champion 
Van Los Overo Kid "Calico"
$3,000 Or Lease Private Treaty Approved Home
Six Gems Overo Mania 33"  AMHR
Bloodlines of LTD's Two-Tone Trigger
Sale $2000 or Lease Approved Home
Norleas Reach For The Stars "StarMan''   
Son of GrossHills EKS Starman of Nor-Lea
For Sale $2500 or Lease Approved Home
True Colors and Bonnie  Baby Doll Head
Born 6-10-08 
$1500 or lease approved Home
We have several Overo and Tobovero Gorgeous Colts Like the above 
this year for sale 
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Pretty Pony Farm
For Sale  $1,500  SOLD xReference. Sire Only
T & S Million Dollar Kid AMHR / AMHA Qualitfied 30" Tall  For Sale $1000 or 
Lease to Approved Home Private Treaty SOLD
Little Kings Hello Bucks 32"  Born May 2008 
Sire Laurel Acres Hello Fire Black Splash Overo Son of NFC'S Fire & Ice National Champion son of Bond Peppy Power 30" Grey National Champion son of Bond ShowBoy 28.50"   
Mother is Little Kings Xena Buckaroo Own Daughter of Boones Little Buckaroo
Need I say More..... SOLD  Referece Only
Little Americ's Pinnacle 31" Stallion AMHA/AMHR. $1750
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Canterbury Impressive Tiger  32"Son of
   Mountain High Tiger  29"Too Pictured  $1250
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